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About J2

James and Jorette (J2) have been raised in the pastoral ministry in World Revival Temple in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the Presiding Prelate, Archbishop Dr. Joel Laurore oversees churches throughout the globe. 

They are currently the Senior pastors of J’s Movement (Jesus’ Movement) on the Caribbean island of Barbados, where they have been preparing a people for the next major move of God. They are also the co-founders of the School of Purpose (Barbados) and have authored seven (7) books between them. 


The Lord has given them to establish the Elite Marriage Company (EMC) organism with the view to see such companies raised in the globe to raise extraordinary marriage relationships and husband and wife ministry teams which they believe are one of the signature features of the next major move of God.  The couple have been functioning as Relationship Consultants for the past twenty-five years educating and forming singles, singles in relationship, marriages and divorcees in the ways of Christ. 


James & Jorette just simply love Jesus and desires that everyone they meet will see Jesus in and through them and that they have the opportunity to take the dead things within lives of people and bring them to life again in Jesus.


They have been fruitfully married for 27 years of which they often say; “We are still on honeymoon”. They have 3 beautiful children, Y’shua, Zion and Majesty that work along with them in the ministry.


J2 are convinced that the globe is on the brink of a major revival of the Person, Works and Ways of Jesus that will impact all strata of our societies. To this end they have been commissioned to travel by the Lord throughout the Caribbean and the Globe to reveal the urgent need for the body of Christ to come together with a great sense of “oneness” and “purpose”.

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